Servicing Cooling Towers


General Cooling Tower Maintenance

Energy Options is your full service cooling tower maintenance and cooling tower cleaning service solution. We handle everything from replacement parts to new construction. We can help you determine the best cooling tower fill for your application and help you increase overall efficiency. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, services we provide is cleaning. Deposits build up in cooling system pipes very quickly because water constantly evaporates in the system and leaves minerals on the pipe walls. This build up negatively affects the overall efficiency of your system, but a thorough cleaning by Energy Options can return your pipes to a like new condition.

Industrial Dry Fluid Coolers

At Energy Options we service industrial dry fluid coolers as well as traditional systems. Even though the system is closed and easier to maintain, there is still maintenance to be performed and parts will still eventually fail. You can trust Energy Options to give the same great care to your closed dry fluid cooler as we do to traditional cooling tower maintenance.

Cooling Tower Replacement Fill

Your cooling tower fill provides a greater water surface area for more efficient heat exchange. There are two basic designs: film, which spreads the water out into thin layers and splash, which breaks the water almost into a mist. Replacing your fill is another way to improve your overall heat exchange efficiency in an existing system. Our professionals can help you determine the best fill for your application and get it installed. No matter what your cooling tower needs are, Energy Options is ready to bring our experience into your project. Whether you need maintenance performed on industrial dry fluid coolers or have an entirely new tower to be built, we are the experts to help you complete the job.